Rewoda USB-C to Mini Display female Port

Rewoda USB-C to Mini Display female Port


Input Interface: Using the latest USB3.1 Type-C interface
Data transmission rate can reach USB 3.1 10 Gbps. Ultra-thin design, mini-size
Aluminum alloy metal shell, fashionable and high-grade design
 Output Interface: External High Definition MINI DP Devices such as Display Projector TV with High Definition Devices
(Note: Lightning interface monitors and other devices can not be connected)
Apply to Macbook Air 12 inch USB3.1 output terminal of Apple notebook to connect HD Mini DP device
For example, the peripheral equipment of display projector TV with high-definition Mini DP signal
Display devices supporting standard TYPIE-C interface computers/mobile phones with Mini Dsplayport input interface,
The highest resolution of DP interface is 3840*2160 60HZ, the interface supports forward and backward interpolation, and the high quality aluminium alloy shell has better texture.

1. Device must support “DisplayPort Alternate Mode” (Alt Mode) via USB-C: If you want connect this adapter with your type c smartphone or tablet, please make sure your smartphone or tablet come with DP ALT Mode(Like lumia 950/950XL). As many other USB-C Smart Phones or Tablets work with MHL solution or SlimPort solution, this adapter will not compatible with them.
2. DO NOT connect adapter (like mini dp to DVI adapter) from other brand to USB-C to mini display port adapter for a second signal convert, we can’t guarantee it works well.
3. This USB C to Mini DP adapter is NOT compatible with Thunderbolt interface’s monitor. It just can be used for mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable or mini DisplayPort to mini DisplayPort cable to connecting the monitor. It can not be used for mini DisplayPort to HDMI cable,mini DisplayPort to DVI cable or mini DisplayPort to VGA cable to connecting the monitor.
4. This isn’t a bi-directional adapter. Can only convert signal from Type-C to MINI DP port.
5. 4K resolution requires a 4K equipped source, Mini DisplayPort cable, and output display.
6. Warm reminding: For some compatible devices, it might take a few seconds for the data to synchronize from computer with your monitor.


total length: 0.16 m
color:  gold/silver/grey
Resolution:  3840*2160 60HZ
Chipset:  ANX7402
Material: Aluminum alloy shell 

Standard interface

Standard USB interface, suitable for the most USB charging devices on the market.

Quick response

Plug and play, each product had passed aging test, secure and safe.


5000 times plug test, folding test to ensure long-term use.

Fast charge

Built-in smart charging chip, can automatically match the appropriate current, fast charging.



Over-current Protection


Over-voltage Protection


Short-circuit Protection


Earth leakage Protection


Over-temperature Protection


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Would your phone will be damaged if you don’t unplug the charger when it’s full?

The power management of modern mobile phones is perfect. After the mobile phone is full, the charger is in light load operation, and the output current is very small. Because the battery is basically full, the current that can flow is very small. At this time, the chip automatically stops charging and the battery changes to the discharge mode. Also use an external charger to work together. In theory, there is no harm to the phone because there are many protection mechanisms in control of this process. However, considering that after connecting the charger, the system becomes complicated, and the probability of the problem will indeed become high, so it is full of pulling or not, it is up to you to decide. Considering safety, unattended situations, it is better to unplug it.

Could the mobile phone charger be used directly in Taiwan?

Depending on the voltage on the charger, the voltage is usually printed on the surface of the charger:

If you print 100~220V on it, you can use it in Taiwan.

If you only print 220V, then you need to bring a conversion socket.

What is the frequency of the mobile phone charger?

The frequency varies according to the voltage of different countries.

China’s single-phase electrical frequency is 50Hz. According to preliminary statistics, global single-phase electricity has basically only two frequencies of 50 Hz and 60 Hz, and the voltages are different, ranging from 100, 110, 120, 127, 220, 230, and 240.

What about after-sales service?

We offer a 12-month warranty.