Rewoda Multi-function Docking station 6 in 1

Multi-function Docking station 6 in 1


This Multi-function Docking station has Multi-function interface in one in order to match your equipment. And Multi-function Docking station can solve the problem of Macbook port connection restrictions. In addition, this Multi-function Docking station also can meet the external expansion of the use to provide a strong power for notebook computer. It can connect more devices at the same time.And this Multi-function Docking station support hot-swappable, plug and play, easy to use and free driver supports for Windows XP/Vista/7/8 & Mac OS,linux. And it supports Full-speed(5GMbps) USB device profiles. It is suitable for the Mac with TYPE C interface and mouse, card reader,etc. Notebook connection more convenient. Video, office meeting more convenient. Small screen seconds become large screen. HDMI Audio and Video Synchronized Output, Sharing Happy Time.


Interface type: HDMI,VGA
Intput Port: USB C port
Transmission rate: 5Gbps
HDMI Port:  4K (3840*2160*30HZ)
Chipset: VL103R+VL170+VL817+PS176+GL3224 with double card
Card Slot: SD/TF
Material: Aluminum alloy shell
Color: gold/silver/ash
Apply to:  Mac OS;WINDOWS;Linux;ASUS,DELL,HUAWEI,Samsung,Microsoft lumia 

More Port, More Convenience




SD/TF Card Slot


USB-A Port




Gigabit Ethernet


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How to Achieve 4K Resolution?

1.Need both your input & output device to support 4K resolution
The resolution and refresh rate are also determined by performance of your devices. So please make sure both your devices can support 4K resolution.
2.Need a HDMI2.0 cable
HDMI 2.0 version can support video output up to 4K, while a lower version can not.
3.Need your device to support “DisplayPort Alternate Mode”.
Not all USB C ports support ‘DP Alt Mode’, so having a USB-C port does not mean this device can work. This adapter works ONLY for USB-C 3.1 or thunderbolt 3 port which supports ‘DisplayPort Alternate Mode’.

Could the mobile phone charger be used directly in Taiwan?

Depending on the voltage on the charger, the voltage is usually printed on the surface of the charger:

If you print 100~220V on it, you can use it in Taiwan.

If you only print 220V, then you need to bring a conversion socket.

What is the frequency of the mobile phone charger?

The frequency varies according to the voltage of different countries.

China’s single-phase electrical frequency is 50Hz. According to preliminary statistics, global single-phase electricity has basically only two frequencies of 50 Hz and 60 Hz, and the voltages are different, ranging from 100, 110, 120, 127, 220, 230, and 240.

What about after-sales service?

We offer a 12-month warranty.